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Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is a genre-defining moment for mob movies, but have you ever wondered if any of it was real? Mob Wives star Renee Graziano responds with a resounding yes as she spills the beans about the show and what to expect in the new season. Growing up the daughter of a mob boss, and eventually becoming a mob wife yourself would be quite an adventure, full of violence, “rats,” and Cristal Rosé 69. But at the end of the day, mobs are like families—in some cases, they’re even your actual family. It’s these families, chosen or not, that are at the heart of the enduring reality program Mob Wives.

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Mob Families: Of Rats And Men With Mob Wives Star, Renee Graziano

Every now and again, a reality show comes along that blows everything else out of the water. I have to say, this is one of my most favorite one ever and not because I’m biased because the exec producer and creator is my working producing partner, the fabulous Jenn Graziano. This truly is one of my most favorite show, my guest is the star of that show. The one and only, Renee Graziano. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you. I’ve worked in TV since I was fifteen, and I rarely get excited over people, few people impress me. When we did our interview, our episode with Jenn, I said, “I’ve got to get Renee on the show because she does for it for me in every way.” You are the epitome of a strong lady boss woman.

Thank you so much.

We heard Jenn’s story about how she created it and how the show came to be, when she first came to you with, “I got this show, and it’s about all our lives. It’s called Mob Wives. You’re going to be in it.” What was your initial reaction?

I wish I could say that’s exactly what happened. However, Jennifer was making me wait patiently. She told me she was doing the show with Drita and Karen and everyone else. She didn’t say that I was going to be on the show, she waited until the last minute.

On purpose or was she nervous about asking you?

She wasn’t nervous. She was doing it on purpose. That’s some sister thing. I’ll be honest and I don’t want to sound conceited, but she couldn’t do it without me.

She said that and she told us not to tell you so you wouldn’t get conceited.

Since I’m not a snitch, I’m not going to tell her you told me. I was excited for the simple reason that it was a chance to tell my story. A lot of people said, “This is the wrong thing to do.” I don’t think people understand what it’s like to be the daughter of, unless you are the daughter of. There are many things that happen that people don’t understand why you’re protective or always on guard. We were raised in this specific way. Even though my father made us safer than anyone could ever do, it’s a feeling that you’re always looking over your shoulder.

It was when I watched Goodfellas that I realized how serious the lifestyle was. That’s the movie that did it for me, not the Godfather. It was different, but Goodfellas was personal and especially I knew a lot of people that they were talking about in the movie. Jimmy Burke, which was Robert De Niro’s character, Jimmy Conway in the movie, was my ex-husband that rat bastard which I say so freely, that was his cellmate. His daughter and I look so much alike. You grow up seeing this world and then meeting these people, and then they’re making movies about them and you know them, who you’re calling uncle and cousin and it definitely affects you. For Mob Wives, it was a chance to tell the story from a woman’s perspective. We didn’t expect my ex-husband to become a federal informant.

You can write these storylines in a script.

People always say, “Is it scripted?” I was like, “They arrested 127 people in season one. I don’t think the feds are going to go out of their way to arrest 127 people from Mob Wives.” However, I will say hats off to them because they had me fooled, in plain English. I did not think about my son’s father. That destroyed a lot inside of me. It wasn’t that he was telling on my father. We went through so much, a lot of domestic violence. There’s a lot that a lot of people don’t know because we didn’t talk about it because of my father. However, now that he’s passed, I definitely will share that because I would love to help women in every way possible.

Are you worried about the ramifications of what your dad would do to him?

No, I wish I would’ve shared it when it was happening, my father would have done something to him. Shame on me for not telling but when you’re caught, don’t ever tell. You don’t tell.

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Brainwashing to put from such a young girl and not just the culture, but especially with that way of life of nobody says a word, don’t be a dirty rat. It’s built-in from day one.

Shame on me for not telling, I would have saved everybody a lot of grief, especially myself and my son. Mob Wives was a trip. My new thing is the Cartel Crew because they’re the closest to the Mob Wives and I faithfully watch it on Mondays. I’m sitting in there and I’m rooting. The girl kept calling somebody’s father a rat. I want to go through the TV and it’s personal. Especially a lot of the women, when they do the shows, we come out of the gate looking like monsters, the way that we attacked each other.

That’s what made you appealing though because you were normal women. You weren’t normal women living normal lives, but you came across as normal women in normal life. Your lifestyle is not normal for the average person, it’s captivating and you’re curious. It’s been glamorized in all the movies that people love to get a little taste of it. Talking about the movie, what parts of Goodfellas made it relatable for you and the closest to the lifestyle?

For me, when everything was coming off the trucks, when they had their fur coats and the jewelry. I remember it clearly, my father always having whether it was fur coats or whatever, jewelry, it was everything coming off the trucks. That for me is clear as day. I was maybe seven and I had a white fox fur coat and it said Renee in blue on the inside and I’ll never forget it.

Do you still have it?

No, I don’t even have any of my furs anymore. I’m over fur coats. Don’t get me wrong, if someone gives me one, I’m not going to say, “No,” but would I go and buy one nowadays? No, I wouldn’t do it anymore.

You could get such a good fate, so fair as well.

Goodfellas was the greatest gangster movie ever made. I can’t wait to see The Irishman with Robert De Niro.

Did you know any of the real-life characters that were in that? Did you meet or know any of those guys? Was that a whole other separate crew?

I’ve met them when we’ve been out, but I don’t know them where I could say, “I can have a conversation with them.” What’s funny, my mother, her first date was Robert De Niro.

The character or the real Robert De Niro?

The real Robert De Niro.

Shut the front door. When was this? Where did he take her?

LLL Graziano | Mob Wives' Renee Graziano

Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano: Anything mob-related, you’re not supposed to say the word let alone say you’re in a part of it.


He took her to Rye Playland. My father might’ve threatened him after that and that was the end of Robert De Niro. What’s ironic is Robert De Niro plays these characters and my father was a real-life one, it’s weird. Hollywood does a good job, they got to have some inside information there.

Scorsese, De Niro and Pesci grew up around a lot of these guys, they saw it with their own eyes. Getting into character is a lot easier than trying to know what they’re like when you’ve seen it.

Someone had said to me, “Were they going to The SopranosCon?” I was like, “I watched The Sopranos twice in my lifetime.” It wasn’t something I watched because I didn’t have to watch something I’ve lived.

Was that realistic when The Sopranos came out? How did the whole Italian-American mafia as a crew react to that?

I can’t tell you because I didn’t watch it. I don’t know why it wasn’t appealing to me. It was maybe the time in my life where it wasn’t that big of a deal. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I lived it. I didn’t find it attractive as opposed to Goodfellas. The Sopranos to me wasn’t as real as what Goodfellas was.

They encapsulated Goodfellas in that 1.5 to 2 hours of Scorsese magic. It encompassed it in that such a short time period that it made it more compelling to watch.

It was way more realistic than the Sopranos. I can’t see anybody having an affair with the police. The two episodes I did watch, one of them was with 50 Cent. I was an assistant wardrobe stylist for him. I was at his house and it was something that was real, it was something that did happen and he was like, “Did that happen?” I was like, “They nailed that one.” For me, there was a lot of made-up shit in it. I wasn’t attracted to it. Mob Wives on the other hand, we all had a chance to tell a story. We did a lot of bickering and it was a lot of foolishness on the girl’s part. Looking back, we were a little cabby over certain situations.

What was the biggest fight you remember, you guys all getting into? What would you say was the biggest inner cast drama? When you left the set going, “I hate her. I want to kill her”

I did that every day. For me, what was crazy was I’m not a fighter. I am tough if I have to be, but I don’t like to hurt somebody. However, Carla and I, we’re friends since we’re sixteen and I was the first one to get into the physical altercation in my house. I pull hair, I don’t punch in the face, and I’m not that type. For me, the first fight set the whole entire stage for the next six seasons. We always had to have fights and they had to get bigger.

You set a precedent with that first one.

We should’ve started a little smaller, because our fights were ridiculous. There was one that I did which was my celebration of life party. I did that because I had plastic surgery that had gone horribly wrong and I was dead, I flatlined.

That put you off getting surgery or it was a mad moment in time and bad luck and unfortunate?

I’m trying to correct what went wrong from that first surgery in 2011. That fight that they had at my party it was Ramona and Karen, the two of them gang up on Drita even though this is what it was.

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I remember that episode.

I was mad at everybody I was like, “My party.” Dishes went flying, the cops came, and guys got involved, it’s real. The flash that’s going through my head right now is like, “Somebody could’ve got hurt.” One of the guys could have got super hurt. My ex-husband, he got involved in it and he punched through a glass window and went to go grab the guy. Now I know what he’s capable of because of what he went to jail for. It was scary. When the guys get involved, it’s not like wait anymore because someone’s going to die that’s what that life is about. You disrespect somebody in a certain way, your repercussions are serious.

There’s no coming back from it. How was it being the daughter of your dad, to be a Graziano? How was it living that life growing up? It’s all you know, but when you compare yourself to maybe other friends that weren’t in that lifestyle, did you love it? Jenn was telling us how she was embarrassed about it and she didn’t want to be called and you were very much like you loved it, you loved the attention.

It was normal to me; the attention was normal. Jenn and I always tell the story, there was a nightclub that we used to go to and it was called Pastels. I would get out of my car and my fur coat, all my friends would follow and Jennifer would get up and I’d be like, “I’m Anthony’s daughter, excuse me.” I don’t mind. Jennifer, on the other hand would get on the back of the line. For me, I was like, “One, I’m not waiting. Two, I’m not paying.” That’s what it was. I remember, I was sixteen and a girlfriend her name, not Carla from the show, but another Carla. We were drinking Cristal Rosé ‘69 when I was sixteen and back then it was $1,000 a bottle, that was normal.

What are the perks of being a mobster’s daughter? Are people scared of you to the point where they say yes to everything?


You’re on a constant power trip that must be quite exhilarating almost to a point.

Yeah, because no one says, “No,” to you. I don’t think it was until I was about 40 years old that I paid my own dinner check in the restaurant. Checks were constantly picked up. We didn’t even know the people that were picking them up. On the weekend I would say, “Dad, where should I go?” He would send me somewhere. If it wasn’t somebody in the restaurant that knew him that picked up the check, he’d make sure the checks were always picked up.

When you get to an adult, you’re like, “What’s this check for? What’s this? What do you want me to do with this piece of paper?”

My father supported me even when he was in jail, he always took care of me. I remember when I had to pay my first car payment I was like, “What do you mean?” Now, I hate the world. I wish that lifestyle was what it was so I didn’t have to pay bills anymore.

In Goodfellas, Ray Liotta’s wife in there, remember when she says, “I need some money,” He says, “How much?” She gives him an image of holding a big wad of cash in her hands. Is that legit? Is that realistic?

My father would give my friends money. We would go out in limousines. There was this nightclub called Regimes in the city and it was the who’s who of Hollywood and the who’s who of mobsters. They would roll out a red carpet. I had a crush on the guy that worked at the door, his name was George and I’ll never forget that and he wasn’t of Italian descent. I remember my father telling me he would also break my legs. It was weird, you’d walk in and these glass doors would open and then everything was ridiculous. It was Hollywood, it was like the movies.

When you go from being a mobster’s daughter, living in New York and getting all the attention growing up from who your dad is, to suddenly it’s all about you now and you are the star. You’re now this big TV star in this big hit TV show and people are coming up to you and say, “Hello, Renee.” How did that feel?

LLL Graziano | Mob Wives' Renee Graziano

Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano: My father was loyal to a lifestyle that wasn’t loyal to him in the long run.


Here’s what’s funny, my father was in jail when the show came out and he didn’t watch the show at all. He was anti-Mob Wives. We didn’t talk for a couple of years.

Jenn told us he was anti-Mob Wives because he wasn’t sure what was going to be exposed. He was more worried that Jenn was exposing the family and the life to the world when she shouldn’t be.

He was against us being on television talking about anything. Anything mob-related, you’re not supposed to say the word let alone say you’re in a part of it. My father was proud of that lifestyle, that was his life. Looking back now, I almost feel bad because he was loyal to a lifestyle that wasn’t loyal to him in the long run.

Renee’s father passed. It’s still raw. It must be surreal sometimes knowing because he has been away in jail where you haven’t seen him for periods of time. Do you sometimes go, “He’s not here and he’s not coming back?” Is that quite surreal for you?

Probably more than my other two sisters. I’m a female Anthony, I’m much like my father, heart and soul. I don’t even think it probably hit this yet. I know it triggered my depression to a point which isn’t good for me.

Was he quite proud of you at the end and that you were this big TV star? Did he watch any of the shows at the end?

Not at all, he was anti. However, he would go places and people would hear the last name, they’d be like, “Are you Renee’s dad?” It’s funny because he told me when he was in jail, they would be like, “Are you Renee’s father?”

The roles have reversed.

He got a little understanding of how I felt.

It must’ve made him chuckle a little bit, made him smile.

It did, because he would say to me that he’d go to the chiropractor, the bank and people would be like, “You’re Renee’s father.” He’d be like, “You need to sign an autograph for this person.” It was weird because he would never say he was proud because that wasn’t my father to talk about stuff like that.

In his own ways, you could tell it as her daughter.

When your father is asking you to sign an autograph for somebody, he has to be proud and not embarrassed. Especially when the people would be like, “We love Renee.” They still think I’m the crazy one. However, there were a lot of people that related to me on television whether it was, domestic violence, the unfortunate drug addiction. Everything that I went through from the first time I went to the therapist on TV and she told me, “Do you think you have a good father?” I was like, “I have a great father.” She told me my father wasn’t a good father because he left us and went to jail and I had a fight with her like a brawl. We had to leave the office because I was furious, I was like, “Who are you telling me I don’t have a good father.” The normal person would think that he wouldn’t be a good father.

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In your world, you relate to your dad being a good dad of how he was with you. To the average person, they see a mobster, a guy hurting people, doing bad things, illegal things. When you think about your dad and that way and you take the father thing out of it, how do you feel about that knowing your dad did bad things to people?

I don’t know he did anything so I could never say I feel any way but proud of my father. As far as men that I do know that have hurt people, I’ve never even heard its stories like that about my father. I know my father was well respected. At the end of the day, I’m sure that was part of the job requirement. This is going to sound so wrong, but I’m going to say it. If it’s for your family, do whatever you have to, it is what it is. If someone was ever to hurt my kid, I don’t care, I’m going to jail. It’s happening. For me, that’s normal. You’re not supposed to hurt people, but it happens.

He didn’t create that lifestyle. He was a part of it. It was what it was. I don’t think murder is nice, I feel bad. What’s crazy is with my son’s father, because he went to jail for murder. I felt horrible for the daughter, that was her dad. It wasn’t for me to take that on by any means. It affected me because she lost her dad. I know she hates me for a fact, which is messed up because I got nothing to do with it. There are a lot of people that don’t like me because of my father. They look down at it and I don’t understand that, but that was my father’s life. I don’t go around and kill anybody.

Can we talk about Drita and Big Ang? I love Big Ang.

I became close with her daughter.

You were the closest to Big Ang to start with. She was your buddy on the show.

My father’s youngest sister, her name is Celia. That was Angela’s best friend, forever. I know Angela since I’m fifteen. I know Angela for all of my life, she was family. It started out that it was Angela and me. However, when we got into that little scuffle on TV, there are certain things with me, you could be my best friend but if you say something wrong, I’m done. Angela and I were able to get past it and move on, but that messed up our relationship on television and gave the girls the opportunity to get in and talk about me.

Do you think that the show perpetuated what may have been a minimal amount of drama, but the fact that it was the way this TV shows edited and what’s focused and featured? Do you think that made dramas bigger than they should have been and created a problem in some of the friendships and relationships?

A lot of the girls, and I’m not going to stay who, is a phony fox. They’re full of crap and they would do anything. A lot of them had a grudge with my sister because she was the boss and they would take it out on me, that’s what it constantly was. I’m ultra-sensitive, I’m way past sensitive. If you make any mistake with somebody that I love, I fought the whole entire cast for you, everyone on the show. It was me against everyone on the show.

Everybody better watch out because Renee was on a mission that season.

I did it, and I did season four by myself. I was pretty much alone for the whole year. I fought with Angela, Natalie, Drita, Alicia, and I didn’t care. I was going to continue to fight with them until we were done and that’s exactly what happened. I do talk to Natalie now. I do talk to Alicia. I’ve apologized for my behavior. In season four, I had a bad relapse. I definitely know the drugs played a big part in my behavior.

Can I ask you what kind of drugs you were taking? Were they prescriptive medication?

It was a prescription. I grew up in the champagne and cocaine era. When I was younger, it was more about the fanciness of it, and then I became addicted to pain meds. My ex-husband broke my coccyx bone and that’s what pretty much started the pain meds. Unfortunately, I was sexually assaulted, I was 36, I turned 37 three days after it happened. I started with the Xanax and that was it. The Xanax took me out, that was truly my downfall. I wasn’t even a drinker. It came to the point where I drank and took Xanax and I didn’t know the repercussions of them together. I’ve learned a lot about drugs.

LLL Graziano | Mob Wives' Renee Graziano

Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano: If it’s for your family, you do whatever you have to do—it is what it is.


How did you get off of everything? It’s difficult especially when you’re on the show and there are expectations of you and the public are watching everything you do. Was the pressure part of it as well?

I would be clean and then the show would air, and I would watch back what everybody said and it would make me depressed. Every season I was clean and half of the season I wasn’t. I battled the whole entire time. I’m clean now, a lot of rehabs. Seven rehabs and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. If you got to go twenty times, you’re blessed if you can make it back twenty times. A couple of years ago I became a life coach, while I was there, I got my certificate. Every day is a battle.

Do you teach clients? Being a life coach, what would you say are the top three things that you teach people that you would like people to walk away from in one of your sessions with them?

Accept yourself for who you are. You can pick your friends. However, you can’t pick your family. The family battle is a big one. Be comfortable with yourself, what’s hard for me is that I’m still not comfortable with myself.

That’s quite a bit of irony with what you do and who you are.

I battle with depression, so for me every day I get up and especially now and going through menopause, I don’t think I’m pleasant for maybe twenty hours of the day.

I caught you on a good hour now.

If I don’t have to talk to my family, it’s always a good hour. A lot of it has to do with my family. I’m battling so many things mentally, physically, then with my father passing. I cry over everything, the dog commercials I’m hysterical crying, I’m so sensitive. Every day I think it is a testament to how strong a person is because if you can get through the day, you did good, even if it’s a bad day.

Life is hard for everybody.

Mental health has become a huge conversation, which is great. I’m happy that people talk about mental health because many people suffer from it. Many people suffer from addiction and physical things with themselves, and nobody wanted to talk about it in the past and everyone is finally talking about it. The generation, like the young kids nowadays, they have a chance to beat it and get a hold on it before they become 50 and still don’t know what to do with it. It is what it is, but you’re blessed to be alive, and you’ve got to take advantage of life when it comes your way, which we did with Mob Wives, which I’m ready to go back.

Tell us about what’s happening next, because we hear from Jenn that it is coming back. I’m excited.

As am I.

When can we expect it? Tell us a bit about what to expect for the new season. Who’s in the cast?

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I don’t know who’s in the cast, I know that not everyone is coming back. Some things have happened along the way that a lot of those girls had fallen out. Drita would come back because the show needs her.

I love Drita, she’s a badass.

She’s not my favorite person.

You both are badass in your own way and she brings a different type of badass.

A lot of the girls aren’t my favorite people. She’s a huge part of the show.

She makes good TV. She’s gorgeous as well.

We are a complete opposite. We’re very different, her and I. We are different but we’re the same, our personalities are both huge, so it’s hard for us.

You clash.

Absolutely, she’s also an Aquarius and I’m a Cancer.

I’m a Cancer. Cancers are the best. We are sensitive, Renee.

When is your birthday?

July 9th.

I’m on July 12th. We’re close. Cancers are the best, I will say. We do clash with a lot of the rest of the Zodiac world because we’re mothering. For me, I could be overbearing, my son tells me all the time. He’s like, “Mom, could you stop calling me? You’re calling me all day long.”

LLL Graziano | Mob Wives' Renee Graziano

Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano: Social media has nothing to do with the mob falling apart. People with big mouths are the reason that the world fell apart.


We’re nurturing, we like to create a home and have everyone over.

I definitely know Carla well. I talked to Natalie. She would definitely come back. I don’t know about Alicia. I don’t talk to Karen. I don’t talk to Ramona. I talk to Carla. Me and Natalie we’ll communicate. Everybody went their separate ways, I went on to do other television, which I’m grateful for. I got to do TV with my sisters and that was a trip. We were ready to kill each other every single day every day.

Tell the readers about that show quickly.

We did Family Boot Camp, with Dr. Ish and Dr V. It’s on We TV. That was a great experience because it was therapeutic. We got to listen to the other families. We fought with each other every day, but nobody else was allowed to fight with us. I enjoyed that one.

You’re going to get back for therapy part two.

We would have to come back twenty times. I’ve been fortunate because of Mob Wives. Hopefully, it does come back. I’d like to believe that it is. There are a lot of things different things to talk about this time around. For me, its life after Mob Wives because I’m much more than a Mob Wife now in my life. The fact that my father passed will be a topic with the girls feeling like, “She doesn’t have her father anymore.” I already know what it is. Like everybody, “She can’t be tough anymore, she doesn’t have a father.” However, I have my father’s blood. I don’t need him to be tough. My father raised me to face everything, whatever it was.

Is the mob still prevalent in the neighborhoods nowadays or have you seen it dissipate over the years? With the feds bringing everyone down, how was it? Is it not happening or is everyone doing an individual thing? Do you still feel the presence in the neighborhoods or not?

Not at all. I haven’t been around a lot of people, there are certain people that I’m close with that I can say are definitely true to that lifestyle. Every other person is a rat, everybody is a tattletale, they’re not made like my father was. I’m going by my dad. Carla lost her father as well. They were real men. My father was 78, he knows what it is and then he got to see that it was crap by the time that he passed and that people don’t have their word anymore.

The loyalty is gone, would you say.

Everybody’s greedy, which that world was always greedy. Do you think the internet and social media hasn’t helped it because there’s so much exposure now and you can’t keep anything a secret anymore? It started with Joe Valachi telling, when they had the Joe Valachi papers and then Sammy. I don’t think that social media has anything to do with the mob falling apart. People with big mouths are the reason that the world fell apart. It definitely exists in Italy still, in Sicily. They’re much more serious about it, but here in America, no. There are some real ones left, but to me they’re nothing like what I remember as a young girl.

When you found out on the show that your ex-husband was an informant, that’s the worst thing you could do in the mob. When did you find that out and how did you feel?

I found out on November 21st, 2011. That’s the day he turned himself in. People around me knew, but nobody would tell me. I might have killed him. If I would’ve known that he would do what he did to my father, uncle, best friend’s husband, I would’ve poisoned him. I’m not even ashamed to say it, I definitely would have. He destroyed a lot of people. He broke a family.

It’s quite a bizarre decision to make because your son and his son is still part of the family, it’s a strange thing that he would do that because his son is involved in the family, you’re all blood-related.

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I’ll be honest with you, the only one I would have left him for is if he became an informant. I would’ve stayed through more beatings and more unfortunate situations. I was brainwashed. I believe in all of it because why would I stay with somebody that was abusive? I remember the day I found out I had to go to the hospital, I was in the hospital for a week. Karen came to the house. It was the most traumatizing thing to me. I was in bed for about a week. My son was like, “Mom, you have to shower.” I didn’t want to get out of bed.

I remember on the show when you were going through it all. Everybody was watching you, we felt bad for you because it seemed like everybody else knew except you at that point.

The day that it all happened, I was calling around trying to find him. I definitely had no clue. I called my dad’s house. I’m on the phone with my father and I’m like, “Dad, what do I do? Where do I look?” I remember it clearly, he kept saying, “Mind your business. Stay out of this.” I’m like, “What do I do?” All of a sudden, the doorbell rang and my nephew, Justin goes, “It’s the police.” That’s exactly when I screamed, my father just came home and he was gone for eleven years. He came home three months. I had written my father a letter before he came home, I told him, “Don’t deal with nobody. This is going to happen. That’s going to happen. You’re going to go back to jail.”

I predicted it in the letter. He went away, it was the day before Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving, they came back and took them. The next day, it was Mob Wives ex-hubby, I don’t even know if it’s an ex, is a rat. For me, they made every girl come to my house and put that newspaper on my face because they had to get all the different reactions from the girls. I remember the day it happened, my sister Jennifer was like, “We’re starting to film again.” I was like, “No we’re not because this is exactly what the hell it is, this is what it is.” If we’re going to be Mob Wives, we’re going to be Mob Wives.

I know I’m real. What I went through was real. What Karen went through was real. For her and I, it was real because she got hit with her father. I got hit with it where it was my husband who took my father. People didn’t talk to me. It was like my whole life in those five seconds, it changed forever. My son and I can’t talk about it because I have nothing nice to say. He’s stuck in the middle, at the end of the day, it is his father. He does not have any respect for his father whatsoever. His father took his grandfather, but I don’t know what my son’s part feels. I would love for him to spit in his father’s face, to be quite honest.

Does he visit him?

Not at all.

Is he not worried that somebody’s going to take a hit on him? Is he not worried about that?

I wish somebody would, but I don’t even think there’s any real gangster out there. I wish it was what it was because he’d be gone. That’s the price you paid for having a big mouth. God’s going to punish me, I should have never said that. I didn’t mean it, but I do.

I love your candidness, you’re honest. That’s what we scout in the show. You are honest and people love that about you. You’re not trying to be somebody else. You’re not pretending, you are who you are.

My cast members don’t like it about me.

You say what’s on your mind and maybe some of them you shouldn’t, but you still do it anyway.

I asked for forgiveness though, I’m not going to lie. I have a lot of conversations with God and I’m like, “I didn’t mean that,” but I felt it’s still my setting. I got a little soft with menopause, which I’m a little disgusted if I have to go back to Mob Wives. I’m going to be even more sensitive with these girls and I don’t want to have any problems.

There’ll always be problems. There will always be a fight, and that’s what we love so much about the show. We could talk for hours, Renee. You’re going to have to come back again and give us a little teaser for the new season. I love you, keep being your authentic self and I hope the hot sweats stop at some point.

I had an estrogen. I hope so too.

Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for being so honest and thank you to all my readers at the Behr Essentials with me Dani Behr on La La Landed. We’ll be back soon with more episodes and some more fantastic guests. Thanks to our audience. Thanks Renee.

You’re welcome.

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About Renee Graziano

LLL Graziano | Mob Wives' Renee GrazianoRenee Graziano (born July 12, 1968) is an American reality television personality and author. She is known for being the daughter of Anthony Graziano, a former consigliere of the Bonanno crime family and her roles in two reality television shows, Mob Wives and Celebrity Big Brother. In 2016, Renee came third on Celebrity Big Brother 18.

Graziano lives on Staten Island, New York City. Her former husband, Hector Pagan, Jr., was a mobster who became a DEA informant and gave evidence against her father, Anthony Graziano. In 2014, Pagan was sentenced to eleven years’ imprisonment for murder. They have one son, AJ.

Graziano has appeared as a prominent character in all six seasons of Mob Wives, from 2011 to 2016. The show was conceived and is executive-produced by Graziano’s sister, Jenn Graziano. In 2016, she appeared in the eighteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother UK where she reached the final and finished in third place with an impressive 14.66% of the vote. She was the last standing woman and American in the house.  In January 2017, Graziano and her partner Joey Gambino were featured on the ninth season of Marriage Boot Camp.

She has released two books: a semi-autobiographical novel, Playing With Fire, and a cookbook, How to Use a Meat Cleaver: Secrets and Recipes from a Mob Family’s Kitchen (2014).

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