A fun and informative inside look at America’s Real Estate market with tips, tricks and advice from industry experts and friends of the show.

Episode Blogs

LLL Barrio | Dance Fitness
  Fulfilling your dreams doesn’t just come to you on a silver platter. You will have to face a lot of difficulties and a lot of negativity along the way. That was the case with choreographer, fitness trainer, and dancer Manu Fernández Barrio. Manu is a German-born professional dancer and LA’s top choreographer and dance cardio fitness instructor. He started dancing jazz/modern when he was 4 years old and transitioned into hip hop at the
LLL Richards | First Male Supermodel
    The lives of celebrities are so frequently mythologized to the point of ridicule and unbelievability, but as the adage goes, “The truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction.” Such is the case for the man known as the world’s first male supermodel. Hoyt Richards, a legend who walked alongside the modeling world’s greatest—Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell—spills the tea about his time in the industry, and everything that came after. There’s a dark
LLL Hirsch | L.A Real Estate
  Los Angeles, California is teeming with many of America’s most sought-after real properties. Today, Dani Behr and luxury real estate agent James Hirsch offer some crucial real estate advice for buyers and sellers and market predictions. James shares some trends that he has observed from buyers and sellers through the years, and enlightens us with the truth in supply and demand in the current market. He also reveals tips on how we can close
LLL Daniel | Fashion Industry PR
  Have you ever wondered how a famous product, service, or person came to be? In the fashion industry, one of the people we can thank are those that dare to enter the PR industry, braving the frontlines and paving the way for incredible talent. Known as the King of PR, Launcher of Labels, Diplomat of Designers, and all-around fashion fan, brand ambassador Daniel Marks talks about his first job at VOGUE to now running
LLL Dave | Performance Director
  Performance directors are people who perform an all-encompassing role beyond what coaches, PTs, and traditional athletic trainers can offer. In this episode, Performance Director and Nutritionist to the stars, brit Dave Hancock reveals his methodologies in helping athletes perform at their optimal level. He works with Odell Beckham, Kevin Durant, The NY Knicks, Man United & Chelsea FC, to Rock stars like U2 and Movie stars too. Dave shares their inside health and fitness
LLL Louise | Living Life Full
  Life is full when you seize opportunities and make decisions you never thought you’d make because of love. Crazy expat Louise Monger joins Dani Behr for a chat about life and love and living in the USA. Born entertainer, Louise lives life to the full. She talks about from her daring bucket list to being a stepmom to kids of a similar age and a prenup chitchat with her lawyer husband. She also gets
LLL Warren | Hosting Fox Sports
  Taking a big leap from sports to media is a bold move especially when you are part of a national team. This episode is a fun, lively chat with former England football star and Fox Sports host, Warren Barton. Warren was born and raised in London, UK and played at the highest level for eighteen years in the EPL. Today, he talks about TV hosting, playing for his country, living in So-Cal, and so
LLL 8 | Flipping Tips
  Flipping houses does not necessarily have to be expensive. You just have to do it right. Accomplished interior designer and real estate agent, Barrie Livingstone, shows us how in this episode. Barrie shares his design and house flipping tips and tricks that will have your property look appealing without the high price tag. He gives out great suggestions on doing renovations on A-grade rooms, choosing a style design, and looking at what is on
LLL Jane | Branding And Marketing
  Starting a business or have a great idea and don’t know the next steps? Do you already have your business up and running but not hitting your demographic? In this episode, let’s hear some expert advice from branding and marketing expert, Jane Rowley. Jane explains branding in its easiest definition dives deep into identifying your ideal client base and how you can tailor your marketing accordingly. Check out this informative chat and make sure
LLL Stefan | Voice Over Career
  Are you thinking of carving a career in voiceover? Legendary voiceover artist Stefan Frank gives us a peek into the fun world of voice talent. Stefan’s speaking voice is on TV on most continents daily. He’s on many cartoons, games, documentaries, over a thousand TV promos, film trailers, and commercials. Today, Stefan talks about the different career opportunities that are open to aspiring voice artists. He also gives some pro tips to succeed in
LLL Lisa | Fashion And Branding
  Born and raised in LA, fashion retailer icon and branding consultant Lisa Kline joins host Dani Behr and opens up about her cool childhood and realizing her dreams of owning a store at the age of nine. Her work in branding is a web of fascinating knowledge and experiences. They also chat about the demise of retail stores, the death of Lisa’s husband, and being a 50-year-old single working mom trying to have her best
LLL Anne | Ann Archer
  Being able to act on the big screen and on stage is an amazing skill. In this episode, Dani Behr interviews the beautiful and talented Academy Award Nominee Anne Archer about the industry, their fun memories, and what’s ahead for her. Anne shares the changes in the acting industry and how it is still uneven for women even with the #MeToo movement going on. She also reveals her preference between acting on screen or