A fun and informative inside look at America’s Real Estate market with tips, tricks and advice from industry experts and friends of the show.

Episode Blogs

LLL Bryan | Standup Comedian
  If you want to succeed in the comedy business, you have to generate your own content and be ready to do a lot of work. In Dani Behr’s casual chat with her great friend, funny guy, top comedian, actor, and podcaster Bryan Callen, Bryan opens up about how he started, the cool and hard times in the business of comedy, and his memorable moments. Success doesn’t come overnight. Bryan helps you discover if comedy
LLL 10 | The Behr Essentials
  Having lived a very eclectic life, Dani Behr started very young in the entertainment industry. From enrolling in a performing arts school to being signed to Warner Bros. for a record deal to TV hosting to becoming known as the voice-over queen on Kiss FM. Realizing how TV hosting, radio, or voice-overs, are jobs that are out of her control, she got into real estate with much passion and tenacity, specializing thereafter on lifestyle
LLL Graziano | Mob Wives' Renee Graziano
  Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is a genre-defining moment for mob movies, but have you ever wondered if any of it was real? Mob Wives star Renee Graziano responds with a resounding yes as she spills the beans about the show and what to expect in the new season. Growing up the daughter of a mob boss, and eventually becoming a mob wife yourself would be quite an adventure, full of violence, “rats,” and Cristal Rosé
LLL Terry | Emmy Winner Writer
  Being a director or a producer needs a good sense of storytelling and the ability to communicate in a way that invites others to join. In this episode, host Dani Behr interviews seven-time Emmy winner and seventeen-time Emmy-nominated screenwriter, playwright, director, and producer, Terry Jastrow who is also the husband of movie star Anne Archer. Terry shares his stories and wisdom of being one of the top players in Hollywood. He also dishes out
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