Dani has an extremely illustrious and varied career in the world of Entertainment and Real Estate.  Starting her career at age 14, Dani was signed to WEA to record her first album with her all-girl pop group. At 16 she was hosting her first TV show ‘The Word’ which would become the highest rated late night show on UK TV, turning Dani into a household name and one of the most successful and popular TV stars with cult status.

Over the next 28 years, Dani hosted countless entertainment shows for both TV & Radio, in the UK & US working with nearly every major network. She started to venture behind the scenes, creating and co-producing ‘Dani Dares’ for C4 in the UK and has continued to create and develop TV concepts and formats, unscripted and scripted for both the US and UK with her producing partner Tara Joseph at DANTAR PRODS.

In 2000, Dani signed a TV hosting deal with a major US network, moving her across the Atlantic to L.A which has been her home ever since.

Dani was also penned as ‘One take Behr’ as the queen of Voice Overs being one of the UK’s most recognizable voices and most well known as the voice of Virgin Atlantic, BBC, countless cartoons, commercials, video games and corporate videos, as well as her own daily drive-time Radio show on KISS FM.

As an actor, she has appeared on TV, film & stage with veterans like Joseph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Jane Fonda and Oprah Winfrey to name a few, and fortunate to perform at the Old Vic and Madison Square Gardens.

Simultaneously, Dani started a Real Estate career on the side flipping homes from the age of 16, and after buying, remodeling and selling many properties on both sides of the Atlantic, she then became a licensed California Realtor assisting friends and family. She is currently a Real Estate Specialist and Advisor at COMPASS, servicing all her clients both in the Los Angeles area and all over the U.S.


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Not many can claim the variety of experience and success that Dani has had over the years. Her background of live TV & Radio broadcasting, public Speaking at Wembley Stadium & Madison Square Gardens, to Podcasting, Voice Overs and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to fulfill a dream, land a job interview, raise awareness or money, improve pitching products or ideas to clients or your boss, overcoming fears of public speaking or just need assistance with refining your existing e-broadcasting skills, Dani’s mentor and coaching programs are for you. Stay tuned for her soon to be launched series of courses and live webinars or contact her at info@danibehr.com for more info.


Dani has over 25 years experience as a top TV and Radio Host, Voice-over Artist, Podcaster and Public Speaker as well as a Real Estate Specialist.

Due to her unique combination of skills, she regularly consults for a growing list of clients, including TV Production companies, Real Estate & Tech companies and many more.

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Dani and her team is ready to help you with all your Real Estate needs all over the country for both Residential and Commercial.

Email her at info@danibehr.com or click here for more info http//:www.compass.com/agents/dani-behr