Elevate Your Hosting and Presenting Skills with Dani Behr: Expert Coaching and Consulting Services.

Unlock your full potential in hosting and presenting with Dani Behr, a seasoned expert offering tailored coaching services. With over three decades of experience in television and entertainment, Dani offers unparalleled expertise to help you master the art of hosting and presenting.

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Whether you’re looking to polish your on-camera presence, enhance your public speaking skills, or refine your presentation techniques, Dani’s coaching services are tailored to meet your specific needs. As an expert in hosting and presenting, Dani can help you elevate your skills and confidence, whether you’re an aspiring TV host, podcast presenter, or corporate spokesperson.

But Dani’s expertise goes beyond just hosting and presenting. She also offers consulting services to aspiring artists, students, and parents navigating the entertainment industry. Additionally, Dani provides valuable guidance to corporations seeking to improve team dynamics, individual confidence, and public speaking abilities.

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"Co-hosting with Dani was an absolute pleasure. Her in-depth understanding of the entertainment industry and her talent and proficiency as a host made her a valuable asset to the show. Her ability to engage with the audience and her quick wit made her a joy to work with and it was an honor to work alongside her."

Anne Archer
Academy Award Nominated Actor | Producer

"As a 7-time Emmy Award winning producer/director, I can attest that it has been a privilege and pleasure to work with Dani Behr as the host of significant prime-time network sp ecials. Her professionalism, poise under fire and innate showmanship are such that I would not hesitate to hire her again and again."

Terry Jastrow
7-time Emmy Award Winner, 17-time Emmy Nominated, Producer | Director

"As a TV producer, I have had the pleasure of working with Dani on several projects now. Her unparalleled experience of Live TV and talent as a TV host & VO Artist makes her a valuable asset to our team, and her ability to connect with the audience is always evident in her performances."

Claire Mooney
Senior Producer, ITV Network

"I've known Dani for many years and can confidently confirm that she is a hugely engaging and capable host who can work across multiple genres. Dani's ability to establish a connection with the audience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of the industry from both sides of the camera, make her an incredible asset to have on any production."

Lee Connolly
CEO|Creative Director- Penny Lane/Spungold TV- Former Creative Director -ITV Studios Entertainment UK

"Dani Behr stands out among her peers due to her incredibly warm and supportive personality. Her clients can always count on her for a listening ear and words of encouragement. She has a wealth of expertise which, combined with her compassionate nature and no-nonsense approach, makes her the ideal coach and showbiz therapist. If you are looking for support and guidance, then Dani Behr is the person to turn to - you won't regret it."

Stefan Frank
Veteran Voice Over Artist | Music Producer | Song Writer

"Dani's wealth of experience in the entertainment industry as a top TV host, Voice over artist, band member, TV producer, actor, and radio DJ has been an invaluable resource to many performers looking to get into the entertainment industry."

Daniel Marks
Global Celebrity Publicist & Brand Ambassador /Founder -Townhouse Consultancy